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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

We at Mahavir Health, sincerely believe Quality Assurance. It aims to keep the quality of a product or service at a specified level, focusing on each stage of delivery or production to make sure there are no issues. Maintaining a high-quality level is essential for the continued success of a product acceptance. Following a good quality assurance plan reduces the chance of costly mistakes and mitigates risk.

The team at our production unit is a large workforce with different knowledge & skill-sets. We have professional dedicated staff members, quality audit supervisors, and trained laboratory operators. As our team of experts put in their best efforts for the formulation of quality products, it helps us to stay at the top position in the cosmetology industry. Our satisfied national as well as overseas clients always appreciate our products, which is due to accelerating efficiency of our production team. The passion, skill & innovation of our team brings prosperity to the company.

Our production house is well designed, with effective infrastructure and suitable work environment. We have provided our staff with all the necessary machinery, and technology to produce and procure quality products and packaging. In addition to this our laboratory setup is best in terms of latest research tools and equipment that help research & development team to give their best. Also, whole manufacturing process undergoes through computerized quality check that ensures safety, at our infrastructure

The quality function involves all departments and all groups of personnel.Although, we have quality control team to view and look after all the operations, to build quality, each and every personnel; right from Managing Director to Attender contributes for it.

Integrated quality control means controlling the quality at each and every step, right from raw material, Intermediates, in-process materials to packaged product through finished product and packaging material. Environmental control is also important in maintaining the quality of the product. This includes hygienic production by keeping environmental contamination at zero level and training production personnel in the same.

  • Formula:

    which gives precise statement of different ingredients which comprise the product.

    Operating Standards:

    This gives detail of manufacturing procedures, storage, filling and packaging.


    Most ingredients have a long shelf-life (months and years) when stored correctly. Whatever type of ingredient, always use a tightly closed container, and avoid moisture and extreme temperatures as these conditions can accelerate spoiling.

    Raw material Specification:

    Purchasing the right raw material and no harsh / harmful chemicals

    Packaging material standards:

    It covers all components which go around the product shape, size, colour and other aesthetics and acceptance criteria and limits.

    Finished product standard:

    It covers all characteristics essential for proper performance, durability and safety of product .

    Testing methods:

    This covers tests procedures of all components. Quality control could be basically divided into:

    • 1. Raw material and packaging material quality control
    • 2. Finished product quality control.
    • 3. Production line quality control.

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